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We love what we do and
who we get to do it with

We are a team of specialists

With a focus on high quality and
fast turnaround time

We work with a partnership-growth mindset. We believe in adding value to clients, other partners and the broader society, and continuously strive to leave things in a better state than we found them.

We are curious. We seek adventure. We ask why, walk-in empathy and don’t get too comfortable with our existing skills. We’re all for new and different experiences.

We are honest. We say it like it is with a smile, clear and straight.

We are people of integrity. We do what we say we will do and we do it on time because building trust is everything.

We love the people we work with and we are passionate about the work we get to do.

We are a team. We know that no one knows everything but that everyone has valuable inputs to give when we work towards the same goal: uplifting brands and society alike.


Chani Slabbert

As a hard working career-woman, I am set on building a career that excites. I am an advocate for continuous learning. My ability to approach challenges in both a logical and innovative manner allows me to find business-focused solutions for the work I do in marketing and training. I am a problem solver by heart, a go-getter,  and someone who has the ability to keep a finger on many pulses.

Anna-Lize Menssink

I am an avant-garde designer and forward thinker that enjoys storytelling through design. I am fascinated in the way design can capture people’s attention and influence change. I am a strong believer of potential and believes that it is not just great design that will change the world but people who are equipped through great design.

Want to be part
of the team?

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